How We'll Win
Studies in the Apocalyptic Books

Uncertain? Confused? Fearful? Remember that God is in control, and He wins in the end.

We'll all heard that phrase. But how does it translate into the struggles we face, day by day? How can the knowledge that God is still in control be reconciled with His allowing evil to happen... and flourish? We need a solid foundation for our lives as we live out the last days, in a volatile world that's closer to the end than ever before.

Fortunately, Scripture provides the answer in the books of Daniel and Revelation, with their prophecies of the future and reminders of what that means for the here and now. In this series of Bible studies from Eagles Communications, you'll learn:

  • The simple keys to the apocalyptic Scriptures; why they're easier to understand than you think
  • What they meant for readers facing uncertainty, hostility and persecution like ourselves; and
  • The truths that God wants to arm you with, to engage the enemy and live in victory.

We've gathered the best Bible teachers around to share their insights on Daniel, Revelation and the apocalyptic genre with you. Through these messages you'll be empowered with a firm understanding of how our great Story ends, the part you play in it, and how you can achieve the destiny our sovereign God has planned for you.

Studies in the Apocalyptic Books is now available on an exclusive thumb drive at $99.00, and includes hours of video lectures and exclusive presentation slides. Order now by emailing William Tang at william[at]eagles[.]org[.]sg,