God’s Final Word For Troubled Times

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Rev2013-800The apocalyptic and mysterious visions of the Apostle John deal not just with the end times but also the conflicts, wars, natural disasters and personal tragedies of our time. We need to hear God's final word for this world, for his church and for our lives in the midst of calamities, catastrophes and chaos.



Session 1: What Will Jesus See In Me? - Revelation 1-3 (247 KB)
Session 2: How Do I Worship God? - Revelation 4-5 (203 KB)
Session 3: What Will Your Tomorrow Be Like? - Revelation 6-9 (264 KB)
Session 4: What We Must Do To Bring About The End? - Revelation 10-12 (283 KB)
Session 5: How Do We Tackle The Beasts? - Revelation 13-15 (168 KB)
Session 6: How To Avoid Seduction? - Revelation 16-19:5 (231 KB)
Session 7: How Are You Preparing For Eternity? - Revelation 19-22 (222 KB)

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