The Eagles Center is planned as a highly ergonomic environment. It encourages staff to move around the office and work in different positions. That is why the office includes not only ergonomically designed personal seats but also sofas and high chairs. It does not feature a traditional workplace. It encourages both private work and team interaction. There are lounges, café, project tables, closed meeting rooms and open platform for direct exchanges. It is designed as a marketplace for knowledge and a venue for social interaction – no longer “just” for work.

new-ecThe informal nature of the corporate office is designed as a conscious effort to replace the traditional office in response to attracting diverse teams in terms of their culture, gender, age, and origins. The loft look and feel, bare space, classic styling air-con outlets and clear architectural forms are meant to create an open, current, and modern feel without being regarded as too “corporate.”

Environmental sustainability is important at Eagles Center. Its design is based on sustainable usage concepts, energy efficiency, and social balance. The workplaces are designed to make full use of free natural daylight. Rather than the traditional Directors’ offices located along the window lines, they are instead located at the core with glass partitions. In this way every staff has access to the natural light source.

Perforated window blinds are installed to shade heat during the morning and late afternoon sun so that the air conditioner does not have to use more energy to cool the environment. In the corridors and toilets, sensors will switch lights on and off in response to motion.

The timber-look frames at the seminar room entrances and ceiling features at the entrance passageway are bamboo – a more environmentally friendly alternative as bamboo can be harvested easily without the need to replant. Floor material makes up the majority of covered areas. Interface carpet is from a company that has achieved almost zero emission in the manufacture of the product by using less energy and recycled materials.

All lighting fixtures are LED or fluorescent rather than the energy hungry halogen lights. Air conditioning is compartmentalized into zones that can be switched on according to usage rather than all the time thus cutting down energy wastage and cost.

The Eagles Center is also designed for a variety of flexible and shared facilities. The Goh Ewe Kheng Auditorium is designed to fulfill three main criteria: flexibility in usage, acoustic properties, and user friendly technical support. The auditorium has operable folding and sliding acoustic doors for multi-functional purposes – seminars, training events, board meetings, presentations and performances. The front multi-leveled fabric panels, carpet as well as the feature ceiling at the corridor act as acoustic and sound buffers. The audio-visual, sound, projection, and lighting system are highly technical but designed to be user friendly.

The hospitality lounge has to be adaptable to a variety of people (staff, tenant, and auditorium users) and for different functions (informal meetings, breakouts, dining, and get-together sessions). Furniture are specified for its multi functional use. Ceilings are designed higher to get the full impact of the double volume windows and natural light. Sliding glass doors are installed for easy access to the balcony, sight lines to the exterior natural greenery and easy access to the restroom suites.

Tay Joo Ann is the Interior Design Consultant for Eagles Center. He is a founding member of Eagles Communications and is an award-winning Interior Designer. Joo Ann and his wife Helen are presently residing in Melbourne, Australia while their son, Marcus, is serving National Service in Singapore.



I remember most vividly his 80th birthday celebration where almost all the Christian leaders and organizations in Singapore were present. The Who’s Who of the Singapore Christian community came to honor Elder Goh Ewe Kheng who had probably sat in all these boards at some stage of his life and who is an icon of Singapore Christianity. The celebration was organized by his children and grand children as a loving tribute to him. Everyone was full of praise for Elder Goh’s stellar achievements and significant contributions in their lives.

When it was Elder Goh’s turn to respond, I was wondering what he would say. His response struck me so deeply that even today I can remember his words. After thanking his family and guests, he spoke in a most genuine and self-effacing way, “All the wonderful and good things that you have heard about me come from God. But all the failures and not so good things I have done come from me.” At that moment, I saw most deeply what defines this man: his God centeredness.

There is no doubt what motivates Elder Goh: his evangelistic passion. He sits in so many boards because his enthusiasm is about sharing the Gospel. That same birthday was just a few months before the Love Singapore Christmas event of which he was the Chair. His appeal to all the leaders present was to rally together for that event. He challenged us in his typically gentle tone, a most earnest and sincere plea, “I urge you to support this event because it is a great opportunity to show the unity of the churches and organizations in Singapore to proclaim the Gospel during this festive event.” Everyone was moved. No wonder that event was such a great success.

Finally, over the years, Elder Goh Ewe Kheng must have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to the cause of the Gospel. Eagles Communications is but one of the many organizations that has benefitted from his unsurpassed generosity. From his early days, when he was running the sole distributorship of Yashica cameras and dental products, his company’s name epitomized this spirit: Tithes and Dental. To him, tithing comes first. At the height of his success, his giving, at one point, has gone up to 80%.

Elder Goh Ewe Kheng was the person helping us buy our first property in Geylang. At that time, the combined salaries of our directors were not sufficient to act as personal guarantor. Elder Goh stood as personal guarantor for us. The banker told us, “If it’s Mr Goh, you can get the loan.” His reputation was solid gold.

Why do we give this honor of naming our new auditorium the Goh Ewe Kheng Auditorium? It is because we hope that Eagles staff and community will continue to be reminded that we are to be God Centered, Evangelistically Minded and Kind Hearted. Only then can we make any impact through our lives and ministries. Only then are we True to Life. Thank you Elder Goh Ewe Kheng for being such a great influence and inspiration for us!