Sovereignty in Tragedy – Studies in Ezekiel (with Michael Tan and Kenneth Koh) – Part Seven

Saturday    |    15:30 - 18:00 (05/20/2017) , Duration: 02:30 Repeats every: Week
Place: 166 Bukit Merah Central, Eagles Center #04-3531, Singapore 150166

We live in times of great uncertainty and international tension, with one crisis after another filling the headlines. Are you in despair, displaced from your faith and struggling to understand God’s sovereignty?

As if our problems aren’t enough, we wonder if our loving God even cares. Where is He in our suffering, pain and disappointment, and why is He allowing them to happen?

Like us, the prophet Ezekiel lived in tumultuous times. The superpowers of his day—Assyria, Egypt and Babylon—all traded blows to conquer the strategic Syro-Palestinian area, causing much suffering for the Israelites and their neighbours. Ezekiel himself was among 10,000 Jews who were exiled to Babylon, and shortly afterwards Jerusalem and King Solomon’s beautiful Temple lay in ruins.

With his message of hope in despair, restoration in ruin and God’s sovereignty in tragedy, Ezekiel speaks with powerful clarity and relevance to his day... and ours. Join us as speakers Michael Tan and Kenneth Koh share how, in their signature clear, insightful and impactful style.


Michael Tan is President of Eagles Communications, and an experienced preacher and Bible teacher. Over several decades of proclaiming God’s Word, he has become known for the clarity and humor he brings to sharing the messages of Scripture.

Kenneth Koh is a member and worship leader at Pentecost Methodist Church, and preaches at different churches. A former engineer and business founder, he holds an engineering degree from NTU Singapore and an MBA from the University of Strathclyde, UK.