Laws, Rules, Rituals & Traditions

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For many Christians, turning to Leviticus for inspiration is like wandering in the wilderness. What has this ancient book of laws got to do with contemporary life? No wonder few of us have studied Leviticus or even read through it for our devotions. While the rituals of worship and the theocratic civil institutions in Leviticus are no longer existing, the God who revealed them and who is revealed by them remains the same. Divine laws are given to address real life then and now.Leviticus will confront our lifestyle, challenge our values and summon us to holy living. Yes, it’s that exciting! You wouldn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to study and appreciate this often unopened book!



Session 1: How Would You Approach God?
Session 2: Would You Like To Be A Priest?
Session 3: Diets, Diseases & Discharges
Session 4: It's The Holiest Day Of The Year
Session 5: Sustenance, Sex, Sanctity & Sabbath
Session 6: How To Create
Session 7: Promises, Warning, Promises

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