Living In The Light of Hope

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erEarly Christians in Thessalonica were a vigorous faith community struggling under the pressure of persecution and distorted teachings. Their pagan society threatened believers and took away their property; their promiscuous culture derided their chastity. The hope of Christ's return strengthened them to endure such travails. However, their teaching was distorted that they thought Christ return was so imminent that they stopped working. We too live under circumstances that are inhospitable to faith: facing both explicit and subtle hostility to a life of faith, distorted teaching that justifies self-serving behaviors, and a quiet ambivalence in our attitudes to moral issues and sexual conduct. The Apostle Paul bares his heart as a caring pastor, wise teacher and an inspiring coach on how to live and flourish under exacting pressures in the light of the hope of Christ's Second Coming.



Session 1: Distinguishing The People Of God (468 KB)
Session 2: The Way The Gospel Moves (484 KB)
Session 3: Questions Of Intention (301 KB)
Session 4: Questions On Absence (414 KB)
Session 5: Pleasing God In Life (479 KB)
Session 6: The Light Of Hope (472 KB)
Session 7: Living In The Light (475 KB)

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