Passion, Pressure & Performance

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We are called to build, not to destroy. Here is the story of Nehemiah, a Jewish exile trusted by the Persian King he served as the chief cupbearer. Nehemiah had a deep compassion for his people and was willing to step out and be counted. He took personal risks, invested time and resources, overcame insurmountable obstacles and most of all, was always conscious of God leading him.

Let the Book of Nehemiah challenge us to live out our faith, passion and calling in the midst of pressure and be counted!


Session 1: God's Passion: Rebuilding Lives?
Session 2: Moved by Prayer, Prayer that Moves
Session 3: Pressure Reveals Our Character
Session 4: Paying the Price for the Prize... Together
Session 5: When Enemies Loom Large!
Session 6: Caring for the Poor
Session 7: Disturbance, Disguise & Deception
Session 8: Recounting The Story
Session 9: Wisdom From Above