The vision of Eagles Leadership Institute (ELI) is Growing Leaders in a Changing World. We seek to fulfill this vision by nurturing leaders to be
God-centered persons, transforming their perspectives, developing healthy partnerships, and delivering quality performance in both marketplace and
church through retreats, seminars, conferences, forums, clinics, and
mentoring programs.

Eagles Leadership Institute


We organize conferences to enable, empower, and encourage Christians to be salt and light in Church, Society, and the Marketplace. We gather Christians to experience the Word through our regular Eagles Rendezvous Bible Study series and Oasis Retreats.

Eagles Rendezvous



We equip preachers, evangelists and Bible teachers through conferences, clinics and mentoring programs. We proclaim the Gospel creatively through relevant media and events as well as equip Christians in lifestyle evangelism

Eagles Proclamation & Persuasion Institute


We publish a thematic magazine that addresses relevant and current issues in evangelism, discipleship, leadership, and counseling to equip Christians to be effective in living out their faith in the Church, Marketplace, and Society.

Eagles Vantagepoint