The Fish Ate Nothing

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ImageSliderERApr2014Most people remember the fish in the story of Jonah. It is indeed an amazing account of a man who was swallowed by a fish and yet remained alive in its belly for three days! What fish is big enough to swallow a man? And how could Jonah have survived? There are plausible answers to such questions but the real story of Jonah is about a reluctant prophet experiencing God's mercy. Like Jonah, we often run away from God for a variety of reasons. The book of Jonah addresses many personal issues we struggle with. How does culture shape our values? What do crises reveal about us? How does tragedy transform us? Why do we refuse to obey God? Why are we angry with life?



Session 1: The Cities - How Our Cultures Shapes Our Values? (299 KB)
Session 2: The Storm - What Does Crisis Of Life Reveal About Us? (225 KB)
Session 3: The Prophet - Why Do We Refuse To Obey God? (283 KB)
Session 4: The Fish - How The Darkest Moments Of Life Can Transform Us? (268 KB)
Session 5: The Prayer - What Do Our Prayers Reveal About Us? (298 KB)
Session 6: The Plant - Why Are We Angry With Life? (294 KB)
Session 7: The Lesson - What Are God's Priorities? (316 KB)

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