Growing Leaders in a Changing World

We are growing and nurturing leaders to be more value-centered persons by
transforming their perspectives, developing healthy partnerships, and empowering
them for quality performance.












Here’s what’s so distinct (and effective)

about the approach we take:

Multi-disciplinary Approach

We provide resources from varied fields of expertise such as communication, management, psychology and theology.


Marketplace-Church Integration

We integrate Christian and secular research and perspective and practices.



We deal with relevant leadership issues in Asian context.


Interdenominational Representation

Our speakers and participants come from a cross-section of denominational backgrounds and theological persuasions.


Ongoing Learning

Continuous development through different programs as well as online resources.

Read about Eagles 4-P Model for Leadership

Real. Relevant. Relational

Leadership is a pretty lonely game, but you don’t have to feel that way. Be an effective leader
with the support from like-minded peers and a mentor who will watch your back.

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A World-Class Conference. A Growing Enterprise

Learn (from the best leaders around) how you can get rid of mediocrity,
bulid stronger teams and rise to greatness.

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Our New Initiative to Serve Next Generation Leaders

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Meet the Mastermind


A Weekly personal blog by Dr John Ng, a thought-leader and author in Asian Leadership.

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True to Life Leadership


Human-flourishing leadership is an option.

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