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Eagles Emerging Leader Development Program (ELDP), is our premier development program designed to nurture emerging leaders in Asia. The program is based on the Eagles 4P Leadership Model.

For the best learning experience, participants are expected to complete
all of the following aspects over a three-year period:


Leadership Retreats


Eagles Leadership Conference


Mentoring Process


Leadership Project

We are here to nurture emerging leaders to be value-centered, encourage friendship and networking,
challenge perspectives, and develop leadership competencies to impact communities in Asia and beyond.




Emerging Leaders


Faculty members

Rub shoulder with giants who actually care for you

You will be assigned a senior, highly respected leader in the region as well as have access
to a specially appointed group of senior leaders. This mentoring process will provide
mutual encouragement, support and counsel towards your personal development.












From leaders whose lives have been changed:

“ELDP is an amazing program. The peer mentoring and shared journey is truly powerful and transformational.”

Daryl Neo, Director and Co-founder, Handshakes, Singapore

“ELDP is not all about the mind. It also deals with the heart and character of the leader.”

Dave Sarabia, Videographer, Philippines

“We are a generation in dire need of authentic leadership. I strongly believe and am convinced that ELDP is able to inspire us to be the best leader that God has called us to be!”

Timmie Liew, Lawyer, East Malaysia

“ELDP retreats are very inspiring and eye-opening. I recommend this leadership program to every leader in the marketplace and ministry.”

Christianto Adi, Consultant, Star Performa, Indonesia

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