For those who are feeling dry as a desert.











For those who are drained by the demand of work, of home and of church.












For those who have been giving in service and would welcome receiving for a change.












For those who long for unhurried time with the Lord to take a honest look at yourself and rekindle devotion.









In a 3-day, 2-night Oasis Retreat …


Be spiritually refreshed, refueled and reoriented.

Share, pray, think, rest and stocktake your spirituality.

Spend quality and unhurried time with like-minded people before the Lord and around His Word.

Be challenged to grapple with issues of discipleship and ministry in the marketplace.


Upcoming Retreat

Oasis Retreat is designed for small group per retreat. Learn more about the upcoming retreat here.

Please contact Mimi at for more information.