Eagles Communications is committed to inspire you to live life to the fullest. Since 1968, we have impacted thousands of people around the world to find purpose, significance, fulfilment, and joy in living.


At Eagles Communications, we encourage ourselves and others to creatively share our talents, abilities and resources to reach those in need, in crisis, and in search of meaning through vibrant community. We offer programs that articulate the truth about ourselves and our world.


At Eagles Communications, we live and work beyond the present. We harness our experience to leave a positive legacy for the future. That is why we are passionate and intentional in developing emerging leaders and participating in social concerns that provide opportunities for the next generation to grow and flourish.


At Eagles Communications, we cultivate international partnerships. We bring people together to learn from and with each other. We exchange insights and resources through meaningful collaborations globally. Our programs have impacted lives across cultures.


Eagles Vision

Eagles, True To Life – expresses our mission, our passion, and our calling to make a difference in people’s lives by affirming their worth and value, and by enabling each person to live life meaningfully and purposefully.

Eagles, true to life.

We seek to genuinely live and creatively share the authentic, transforming experience of grace and truth in God.

Eagles Core Values

HUMILITY – Lean on God

We depend on God’s grace and point people to Him in all of life.


We live out our faith winsomely, embracing the beauty and frailty of our humanness.

COMMUNITY – Share Life

We commit to uphold our common vision and to support one another.

CREATIVITY – Inspire Truth

We nurture contagious passion and compelling approaches to evoke a response to the Truth in changing the world.