Nurturing Younger Leaders

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Building a Community of Servant Leaders Aged 18-30

In Thailand, we do not have many programs like YLDP. At YLDP, everyone comes from different walks of life, yet we are all open enough to learn from each other.

-Ms Suphaon Rachatanich, Psychologist, Thailand

You can trust Eagles. They are not perfect, but their heart is pure, and they live out their values authentically.

-Mr Abel Teh, Loongsyn Managing Director, Malaysia

2 Years, 4-Day-3-Night, 4 Retreats

Souled Out

Module 1

Identity, Meaning, Purpose and Calling

Love to Learn

Module 2

Learn to Love

Relationship Matters

Module 3

Break Up, Build Up and Grow Up

Sexual Identity and Preferences

Module 4

Perspectives, Issues and Response

Entrepreneur for Impact

Module 5

Pro-Poor and Pro-Environment


Module 6

Power, Position and Promise


Module 7

Tranforming Conflict into Opportunity

Thinking "Without-The-Box"

Module 4

Breeding Entrepreneurial Spirit

Friendship Forum in Between Retreats

Entrepreneurial Project

Mobile Microlearning Leadership Courses​

Values We Inculcate

Lean on God

Be Real

Inspire Truth

Share Life

Enroll to YLDP Class of 2026